Bringing Joy with TimeSlips: Promoting Creative Engagement Among People with Dementia
Hear from communities across northern New England who have successfully implemented the international evidence-based program, TimeSlips. Join us to learn about how the TimeSlips program can connect and promote communication through creativity and creative engagement in care settings with people with dementia and learn how you can successfully launch a program within your own community.

CARE: A Documentary Film
CARE: A Documentary Film
Online Screening & Live Chat with Documentary Director Deirdre Fishel

Communities Supporting Caregivers
This webinar explored resources that already exist to support informal family caregivers across Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Creating Dementia Friendly Communities: Minnesota Model
The “Creating Dementia Friendly Communities: Minnesota Model” webinar will focus on how communities can organize to adopt dementia-friendly practices within and across all community sectors by using the ACT on Alzheimer’s® Dementia Friendly Communities Toolkit and community engagement process.

Dementia Friendly Communities: Engaging Businesses
Over 70 percent of Dementia Friendly America communities provide outreach to the business sector. Based on lessons learned from DFA communities, this webinar provided information about strategies for conducting work in the business sector.

Dementia Friendly Communities and the Local Landscape
The number of those living with some form of dementia continues to rise at an alarming rate. It is critical for communities to adjust to make dementia capable accommodations in order to enhance independent living and quality of life for those touched by these diagnoses. This webinar reviewed key concepts related to dementia-friendly communities and shared information about how the Alzheimer’s Association partners with communities in their efforts to become dementia-friendly.

Dementia Inclusiveness: Creating Communities for All
In this webinar, participants will learn how community partners are creating spaces and opportunities for our neighbors living with dementia and their families. We will also be introduced to tools and tips to support the development of dementia capable communities.

Difficult Conversations
Older people, like the rest of us, struggle with challenging situations and tough choices. Often, lifelong communities and age-friendly organizations are asked to help when an older person faces one of the tough decision points in life. The panelists will share stories, tips, and strategies for engaging in difficult conversations regarding driving cessation, alcohol use, and elder abuse and exploitation. All three of these issues can have a negative impact on the health and well-being on older folks. Age-friendly organizations have a role providing resources, connections to services and programs, and support for family members who are supporting an older person through one of these difficult conversations. Lifelong communities are a go-to source for information and connection and may actually be brought into one of these difficult conversations. Join us to learn how to navigate the choppy waters of a difficult conversation and help people get the support they need to enjoy their best possible life.

Innovations & Initiatives to Strengthen the Direct Care Workforce: Cross Border Conversation
The 2022 TSLCA Time to Care Summit extensively explored direct care workforce challenges, opportunities, and possibilities. This program revisits this conversation, highlights important efforts underway across Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, shares resources and learnings, and clarifies what’s needed to continue to make progress on this critical issue!

Healthy Living with Technology
This webinar explored innovative technologies that are making it easier and safer to age in our own homes. For those of us who want to age in our own homes as safely and comfortably as possible, today’s technology is more than just convenient—it can be a huge boost to both our health and our quality of life.

Let’s Talk – Starting, Facilitating and Promoting Conversations about Care in our Later Years
Among the most important conversations we will have in our lives, the conversation about our choices and interests related to our care and needs in our later years ranks high. While we know they are vitally important, these conversations are commonly avoided because they are overwhelming and often perceived as difficult.

We Can Do This Together: Creating Dementia Friendly Communities
Participants in this webinar heard how people across the country are working to create communities where those living with dementia and their care partners can not only live, but THRIVE! With leadership from Dementia Friendly America, administered by the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging, communities across the nation are taking action by engaging community sectors such as business, healthcare, faith communities, local government, community services and residential care and more.

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