Past Webinar: Transportation Networks

Thursday, April 28, 2016 – 12:00pm – 1:30pm

Volunteer transportation networks provide a road to independence for many older adults who no longer drive yet want to remain in their own homes. These alternative transportation options help older adults live active and healthy lives by providing rides for things such as medical appointments, social activities and shopping. Join us on April 28th to hear from various programs in the tri-state region and learn about how they’re helping those in their communities maintain mobility independence. Designing and sustaining volunteer transportation networks that work well is hard – please join us so we can continue learning and exploring this crucial need together!

7 thoughts on “Past Webinar: Transportation Networks

  1. Brendan Schauffler on

    Looking forward to this one! There is lots of interest in western Maine in transportation models that work in rural communities. Please let me know when registration is open.

  2. Dianne Oelberger on

    It appears my internet connection may be too slow to be successful. Is there a chance that I can log on at a later time to view the content?

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