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Hi. My name is Debra Bare-Rogers of Disability Rights Maine. As the TRS Outreach Advocate, I educate consumers, professionals, businesses and agencies about the Telecommunications Equipment Program (called TEP) and Maine Relay Services.

The Telecommunications Equipment Program (TEP)  was established by state law to provide no or low-cost telecommunications equipment to any Maine resident who cannot use their home’s conventional telephone due to a physical or cognitive disability. Clients over aged 65 may qualify for a free hearing aid. The program was established to assist low income residents. Most clients pay nothing for the equipment that they need.

Maine Relay is a free statewide service that connects voice telephone users with people who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech disability. The service allows consumers to use specialized equipment, such as a caption phone, TTY, voice carryover or hearing carryover equipment. Or they can use the IP Relay app, to communicate with standard voice telephone users through specially-trained relay operators.

For more information, contact me at [email protected], go to: DRME.org or https://www.maine.gov/trs/home

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Debra Bare-Rogers, TRS Outreach Advocate
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