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The Reframing Aging Initiative is a long-term social change endeavor designed to improve the public’s understanding of what aging means and the many ways that older people contribute to our society. This greater understanding will counter ageism and guide our nation’s approach to ensuring supportive policies and programs for us all as we move through the life course.

Why Reframing Aging?

Ageism is discrimination or unjust treatment of older people based on stereotypes.

Starting at an early age, ageism shapes the way we think about ourselves and others as we grow older.

The Reframing Aging Initiative is generating a groundswell for change – from local efforts to national leaders – to tell a more balanced story of aging.

This story explains that good ideas know no age limit, and that experience and wisdom can be tapped to benefit us  all.

Words matter. Changing the way we talk will change attitudes about aging, and ultimately, will advance policies and programs that support us at every age and stage of life.

This initiative is powered by research  and proven to change how people think about aging.

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